-    Did you know that your Homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover your drag racing car or its parts, even when its in your own garage?

-   Did you know that your Auto insurance policy doesn’t cover the contents of your race car trailer, including your drag racing car, even when you’re towing the trailer?

-   Did you know that even if you are a business owner, most business insurance policies won’t cover loss or damage to a race car or racing equipment?

Email us at bill@dragracersinsurance.com, or click on the link below for more information.  You can call us at 203-274-8954 Direct Dial, 888-901-3849 office or 860 214 8936 cell.

Coverage for your drag racing car, race car trailer, tools, support equipment and spare parts has never been more affordable!  

Street registered and/or driven cars are not eligible for coverage in this program.

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Note:  Coverage not available in all States.  Not all vehicles and drivers are eligible for coverage