Broad Coverage

Your policy starts by insuring your race car, and you can also cover your trailer and contents, along with tools and spare parts. With few exclusions, the policy provides coverage:

  • At NHRA and IHRA member race tracks
  • In transit, or at a hotel or restaurant
  • At your storage location (even if not at home)
  • At car shows, and other displays
  • All year round, even when disassembled!


Coverage is not provided when the car is going down the race track under power, but coverage is provided in the pits, staging lanes, and on the return road.

Please note that street registered and/or driven cars are not eligible for coverage.

(Please read your actual policy to familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions.)


Competitive Rates and Low Deductibles

A typical policy costs between $650 and $1,000 per year. To help hold down costs we recognize what you have done to prevent losses, and provide discounts for having.

  • An enclosed and/or alarmed trailer
  • Storage location alarms
  • Five or more years of racing experience
  • And more!

Our standard deductible is only $500 and is the lowest available for this type of coverage. Our payment plan helps make this program fit your budget. Like you, we're racers, and we designed this program with the sportsman racer in mind. When you call the Bill Horton, you'll find someone who speaks your language.


How do you apply for coverage?

First, call us to get a firm quote. We'll send you the quote, along with our unique application. We get a lot of information about you and your car, including photos. While this is more involved than the competition, it is for YOUR protection and benefit. This information is kept with the insurance company in your permanent file, and if you have a loss the documentation will make the loss adjustment process easier. It also helps us verify what we are insuring, eliminating fraud and helping to keep YOUR rates low.

Your car will be insured as soon as your application, check and photos are received in our office. You'll get a written binder for coverage until your actual policy is issued. Don't spend time worrying about what could happen the next time you go racing…call us today for a free quote and more information.

Contact us today for more information on our Drag Racer's Insurance or call Bill Horton at
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